Drive Precision and
Innovation with
Advanced Vision
Analytics Solutions

Drive Precision and Innovation with Advanced Vision Analytics Solutions

Key Services
We Deliver

Vision analytics solutions for automating manufacturing & defense space.

Visual Inspections for defects and damages

Visual Inspections for defects and damages

Detect and address manufacturing defects swiftly with our visual solution. Utilizing a set of tailored deep learning models, we automate defect identification in high-speed processes, ensuring brand reputation protection through efficient and accurate quality control.

Visual Inspections requiring specialized OCRs

Enhance auditing and inspection with our specialized ensemble models, proficient in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) from non-paper surfaces. Our solution, initially designed for tire tag numbers, can seamlessly adapt to various surfaces for versatile applications.

Tools for AI solution development

Revolutionize AI solution development with our comprehensive web-based platform for mission critical image analytics in surveillance operations . In collaboration with DRDO CAIR Lab, we integrate cutting-edge tools for image quality assessment, data analysis, feature analysis, active learning, and incorporating Believable AI methods, streamlining UI-based experimentation and analysis.

The Difference
We Make

Minimize the project risk and get best out of the invested time and money:

We guide clients in unlocking AI’s potential for business enhancement. Our business blueprinting involves 2-3 sessions with key stakeholders, aligning business goals with AI solutions for a seamless integration into operations.

Understanding client expectations and uncovering assumptions, we initiate rapid a Proof of Concept (POC) to address potential challenges before advancing to a larger scope.

We strategically plan project roadmaps, incorporating well-defined milestones and outcomes to provide clear indications of our trajectory, enabling clients to take pro-active decisions.

Explore our case studies for real-world applications and outcomes

High Speed Printing Defect Detection

In a critical case study on product packaging, we addressed the challenge of high-speed printing defects that could impact brand value.

Tyre Tag Number Reader

In the logistics industry, safeguarding valuable assets like tires from malpractice is critical.

Web-based Tools for Active Learning & Believability for Visual Data

In AI solution development, the probabilistic nature of models demands iterative experimentation and analysis beyond traditional software development.

Meet our Expert Team

Dr. Yogesh Karpate
CTO & Co-Founder
Shriyash Chougule
Principal Data Scientist
Siddharth Raj
Senior Data Scientist

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