Transform Your Business Journey with the Power of Generative AI.


Our Generative AI capabilities are designed to not only meet the current needs of businesses but also to anticipate future challenges and opportunities. Our suite of services encompasses Custom Gen-AI-Based Business Applications, Insights Generation, Lead Scoring Based on Attributes, and Aspects-Based Sentiment Analysis on Large Text Corpus.

Each service is crafted to leverage the full potential of Large Language Model (LLM) technology, ensuring that businesses can make the leap from traditional NLP methods to more advanced, semantic, and contextually aware solutions.

Semantic enterprise search engines on-premises/cloud.

AI-Powered Chatbots and Virtual Assistants, Concept note generation of products, summarization of long text documents

Conduct deep sentiment analysis across extensive text datasets to understand customer opinions, market trends, and more, with nuanced precision.

Utilize AI to evaluate and score leads based on a comprehensive set of attributes, optimizing marketing strategies and sales efforts.

What We Offer

Experience the transformative power of LLM technology for both current and future business applications by leveraging data. Discover how you can shift from heuristic-based NLP search engines to semantic search engines, or fine-tune LLMs to meet your specific context, all while saving on costs through on-premise deployment.

Additionally, ChiStats’ unique and innovative LLM capabilities are designed to be responsible, anti-adversarial, and free of toxicity.

Tailoring The Future With Advanced Generative AI

In current times, our generative AI services lead the revolution, specialising in Large Language Models (LLMs) tailored to diverse sectors like healthcare, finance, and technology. They are crafted for specific enterprise needs, embracing uniqueness.

Redefining AI With Customization And Governance

Our services go beyond AI norms, prioritizing ethical responsibility, data privacy, and security compliance. Governance is integral to our development process. We offer customized, efficient, cost-effective AI solutions for diverse business operations.

Harnessing Multimodal AI And RAG For Accuracy And Efficiency

Our services leverage cutting-edge multimodal AI, processing diverse data types for comprehensive responses in engineering and healthcare. Retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) enhances accuracy, reliability, and trustworthiness, reducing AI inaccuracies.

Investing In Talent And Future-Ready Technologies

Our AI experts excel in programming, data analysis, and machine learning operations (MLOps), ensuring precise development and effective maintenance within complex organisational settings. Committed to continuous learning, we stay ahead in the evolving AI landscape, ensuring your business remains innovative.

Your Partner In AI-Driven Transformation

Collaborate with us to leverage the power of AI in reshaping your business. We don’t just offer AI solutions; we provide a partnership in navigating the AI-driven future. With our expertise, embrace AI technology that is responsible, efficient, and tailor-made for your enterprise’s success.

Find Out Where You Are in Your GenAI Journey

Case Studies

Document Search Process: Enterprise grade, Secured, Responsible-AI semantic search engines

Develop a system to extract patient condition information from real-world clinical visit notes.

Automatic Literature Review Generation from a very long text corpus

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