Power your profits, lower your risks, with the super power of AI

Your Challenges

Constantly Changing Maze Of Financial Markets

Financial Markets are like Random Walks with a mind of their own.


Petabytes of information are created every day and transmitted worldwide instantly.


Most fund managers struggle to beat indices or deliver consistent returns and manage risks.

Our Solution –
Forecastr AI

We are building Forecastr to deliver power profits with lower risks.

Each trading desk has a trade set that they would love to do but can not spot in time and even if they do spot them do not take them as the risk and reward management is complex.

Forecastr currently works in the Derivatives Markets in NSE in India. It uses advanced neural nets and an ensemble of other machine-learning tools. It feeds these with a humongous amount of market data to create hourly and daily forecasts for market prices and volatility.

Using these forecasts and a lot of raw data Forecastr.ai builds a wide portfolio of trades and combines these into multiple portfolios to suit different risk appetites.

How Is
It Different?

Forecastr comes from a domain unaware of pure mathematical approach. It does not use any of the technical indicators or market microstructures that are widely used but work on average less than half the time.

How Do
I Use It?

Fund managers use these derivative portfolios as core/satellite or hedges to deploy their capital.

How Do
I Check It Out?

If you have significant managed capital and want to deploy a part of it in risk-managed derivative pools, using AI-driven models then give us a shout.

Future-Proof Your
Decisions with Forecastr AI

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